13th Annual EDiNEB Conference

June 14-16, 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal
Deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2006

The 2006 Lisbon Conference brings together Business Educators, Academics, and Professionals in the fields of Education, HR, Training and Development to exchange ideas and knowledge about innovative learning practices in business education and training for global business change.

The ED i NEB Network

During the last decade, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in new training initiatives and approaches to business education. This ED i NEB network conference places Innovation in Global Business Education and Training at the heart of its interest. We will profile innovative learning approaches with programs that have established excellence in Business Education and Training.

We will explore shared interests in learning from different practices. Our international conferences provide platforms where educators and academics share insights with HR and training and development professionals. The ED i NEB network is one of the few places where Business can meet Business Educators.

Leveraging Performance in Training and Development

The continuous development of new products, services or processes all over the world demands change for almost any organization whether operating on a global or local scale. In such a competitive environment, training and development play a key role in leveraging the learning capacity of an organization. However, current business practice also shows that many change processes stall prematurely or fail to achieve their desired result. Existing patterns of collaboration between knowledge workers are insufficient to guide change processes leading to new business products and services. Whether an organization develops new products or services, training and development play a key role in leveraging the learning capacity of an organization. Training that adds value to individual employees, and to global business enterprises.

Readiness for Global Business Education

Business education has been repeatedly criticized for the delivery of graduates that do not surpass the level of being competent. Business enterprises demand graduates that become true experts. But can business schools indeed create learning experiences that address the needs of the global marketplace? Do they prepare students for changing business practices? Can they demonstrate the value of their teaching? Can business schools teach students to build learning organizations within the global market place as business is calling for?

The present conference will highlight best practices from Business Schools that address these challenges. We will stretch our knowledge further by presenting research on innovative practices that lead to improved learning performance and excellence in global business education.

Take-aways from our conference

The 13th Annual ED i NEB conference provides multiple platforms for knowledge exchange. The conference schedule contains different tracks for participants interested in best practices, or participants searching for evidence-based reform in Training and Global Business Education. We invite researchers to submit their work, but also presenters for workshops and discussion rounds. Our past conferences are known for the spirit and passion that participants share. We will provide space and opportunity for informal gathering and meetings with participants.

Papers, workshop deliverables and discussion outcomes will be posted at our ED i NEB website. Selected papers will be published in a special journal issue.

The ED i NEB conference is organized around two Tracks that address issues of education and training from different perspectives.

Track 1: Innovation in Training Practices

  • Global business change and its implications for training
  • The strive for excellence in new training methods
  • Tools for assessing the value of training
  • Identification of new business processes & strategic concept change
  • Development of learning programs for entrepreneurship in SME's: bridging the gap between education and practice
  • The learning enterprise: what is the value-add in new enterprises?
  • Training methods for on-time acquisition of new competencies

Track 2: Achieving Excellence in Global Business Education

  • Innovations in (under)graduate programs: program delivery and positioning of programs
  • Developing international alliances between business schools
  • Establishing corporate links between business and business schools
  • Tapping from research insights to shape business curricula for tomorrow
  • Building new methods for student assessment & enhancement of student learning
  • Research and development of team learning practices
  • Designing new methods for instructional delivery & further advancement of established practices (problem-based learning, case-based learning, action learning)
  • Exploring evaluation & research on business curricula
  • E-learning methods for distance education

Deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2006.

The first 50 submitting authors of an abstract will receive one free copy of a volume out of the EDiNEB book series. You can submit your abstract online

Selected papers will be published in a special issue in one of our partner journals.

Explore Lisbon

This EDINEB conference takes places in the city where EU signed the Lisbon convention about developing Europe as the leading Knowledge Economy. The capital of Portugal since its conquest from the Moors in 1147, Lisbon is a legendary city with over 20 centuries of History. Lisbon is a monumental city, with its typical tile covered building faades and narrow Medieval streets, where one can hear the fado being played and sung at night. Moreover, Lisbon is also the stage for popular festivities, the place for exquisite shopping, exciting nightlife, and interesting museums. The conference venue is the beautiful Lisbon Marriott Hotel. The hotel is located in the new financial district, and between the international airport and city center both only 10 minutes away.

Special room rates are applicable for participants at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel, 140 for single rooms, 155 for double rooms. Prices include full breakfast and use of the hotels leisure facilities. Hotel accommodation at the special ED iNEB rate can only be applied for via the online registration form for the 13th Annual EDiNEB conference. Rooms are available at a first come first served basis, since ED iNEB has a room block on a limited number of rooms.

Conference Registration information

The following registration rates in apply:

  • 299 Registration for bachelor, masters, or doctoral students
  • 399 Registration for ED i NEB members before April 1st, 2006
  • 499 Registration for ED i NEB members, after April 1st, 2006
  • 599 Registration for nonmembers, before April 1st, 2006
  • 699 Registration for nonmembers, after April 1st, 2006

In case of cancellation by a registrant, payment will only be refunded if a written request is received by the EDiNEB Network Secretariate before April 1, 2006. Refunds are subject to a 75 processing fee. If cancellation is received later than April 15, 2005 no refund will be made. Nonmembers may register at member rates if a membership application and dues payment accompany the registration. The registration form contains a section to register as an ED i NEB member. Additional forms for membership application are available on the ED i NEB website. Ph.D. Students need to include with their registration a letter from their faculty supervisor or from an administrator at their institution confirming their status as student. The conference fee includes access to all paper sessions during the conference, a full information package at the conference, lunches, social events, and a copy of the conference book. Registrants may charge their fees to American Express, VISA, or MasterCard. In the event unforeseen circumstances force the EDiNEB Network to cancel the conference, a full refund of the conference fee less 10% administration costs will be made.

The ED i NEB Network: Connecting educational innovators

The ED i NEB network was founded in 1993 to connect innovators all over the world, and to grant members access to a community of like-minded learning professionals committed to development of best practices in teaching and learning business, training corporate world, and redesigning economics education. Our network has been rapidly expanding since, developing platforms for exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience through our conferences, workshops, publications, and our website.

The program of the 13th Annual ED iNEB Conference will encourage quality networking by adding more opportunities for interactive sessions, more time for making social contacts, and more use of information technology. Visit our website (www.edineb.net) to generate new ideas, meet new people, submit your abstract, and check the conference program.